Henna Kim

from ABC: ANYTHING BUT CANVAS [July 8 to 25, 2010]

I Come to the Garden Alone #26
Mixed media on Korean paper
48” x 24”

I Come to the Garden Alone #15 [2009]
Mixed media on Korean paper
24” x 24”


My images are an invitation, not only to a visual fiesta, but also to an adventure into the viewer’s own soul-spirit. Through the act of painting, my intention is to capture the invisible side of human perception, such as emotion, intuition, memory, and thought, to reveal how our spiritual quality manifests in our day-to-day lives. It is overwhelming and mysterious to visualize the ethereality of the spiritual inspirations.

Spiritual experience is my main inspiration. Painting the sensation of spiritual and emotional climax brings me a self-awareness of my existence as well as a heightened perception of my inner senses. When I look deeply inside myself, I feel the spiritual resonance that is breathing and pulsing throughout me like a silent vibration in a huge vacuum. My whole body becomes a free soul-spirit that floats like a feather. While painting, I trace this endless vibratory movement of the spiritual voyage. At that moment, my spiritual sensation becomes so vivid that I can ultimately encounter with the way, the truth and the life. Sometimes, it feels as if I’m walking through a secret garden in a dewy morning or lying on the surface of the tranquil sea under the warm sunshine.

For this project, I Come to the Garden Alone, I experimented on traditional Korean paper with water colors. Since creating the depth of spiritual vibration is the key expression in my artworks, I glued oiled traditional Korean paper and applied transparent resin on waves of colours for the effect of texture and layers. At times, I used sticks, sprays and gloves instead of brushes to create more chaos in a monochromatic field.

I am aiming to share with the viewers the same experience of the spiritual sensation that I had experienced when I was painting them. I believe that my artworks offer the cathartic pleasure and the spiritual consolation to the audiences as well as to me.

Originally from South Korea, Henna Kim currently resides in Canada. She received a B.F.A. from Korea University and a M.R.E. from Knox College, University of Toronto. She has also studied Fine Arts at several universities in Canada. An emerging visual artist, Kim has actively exhibited her works throughout Korea and Canada.